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Lu Tonghua, chairman of the Treezo Group, won the "Outstanding Hangzhou Businessman" Award at The 5th World Hangzhou Entrepreneurs Convention

Nov. 08, 2023

Lu Tonghua, chairman of the Treezo Group, won the "Outstanding Hangzhou Businessman" Award at The 5th World Hangzhou Entrepreneurs Convention



Since the reform and opening up, a large number of entrepreneurs and innovators who are enterprising and brave in pioneering have emerged in Hangzhou, a hot land of active private economy. In the process of promoting social and economic development, they condensed into a group with common cultural connotation - Hangzhou merchants.


This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the "Double Eighth Strategy" and a critical year for Hangzhou to "strive into a new era and build a new paradise." In order to further lead and inspire the vast number of Hangzhou businessmen to forge ahead into the new era, gather the strength of Hangzhou businessmen, and jointly promote the development of Hangzhou, the 5th World Hangzhou Business Conference with the theme of "Bravely Setting the Trend and Wisdom Initiating the Future" will be held on November 7.


The conference will use a combination of online and offline methods to invite Hangzhou businessmen from all over the world to promote cooperation and seek common development through theme sessions such as commendation of advanced talents and forum dialogues.



Hangzhou businessmen are an important part of the Zhejiang businessmen group, the "golden business card" of Hangzhou, and an important force in promoting Hangzhou's economic and social development. In the "Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2023" list released not long ago, 42 Hangzhou companies were shortlisted, ranking first among cities in the country. This is also the 21st consecutive year that Hangzhou has ranked first among cities in the country. This conference will commend a group of typical Hangzhou businessmen with outstanding enterprise development performance and outstanding contributions to Hangzhou's economic and social development, so as to encourage private enterprises to strengthen their confidence and face challenges head-on.


In recent years, with the great attention of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and the careful planning and organization of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and other departments, the World Hangzhou Business Conference has become an important platform for Hangzhou businessmen to exchange learning and investment negotiations. This conference will hold various special events with the core content of global Hangzhou business cooperation and development, such as the 50-person talk on the private economy and the World Hangzhou Business Development Forum, the Hangzhou-Ningbo "Tale of Two Cities" Private Enterprise Development Forum, the Industrial Ecological Construction and Hangzhou Business Development Forum, etc. , and held a global Hangzhou business station unveiling ceremony to seek mutual benefit and win-win results in the collision of Hangzhou business wisdom.


As private enterprises enter the peak period of old-new replacement and inter-generational inheritance, the new generation of Hangzhou businessmen is taking over the baton from the older generation of Hangzhou businessmen and emerging on the historical stage of the new era. At the 2023 New Generation Entrepreneurs Wave Earning Foreign Exchange held on November 8, new generation entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Hangzhou will gather together to talk about the spiritual inheritance of Hangzhou merchants and dialogue about the development of Hangzhou merchants in the new era. In addition, they also Together with the new generation of entrepreneurs from the six participating cities, we will launch a youth initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship. The opening ceremony of the "Hangzhou Entrepreneurs Generation-by-generation Relay Fire Inheritance Camp" will also be launched at that time.


In addition, the conference also supported a series of exciting activities throughout the entire process, including the Zero Carbon Summit, the "Two Lakes" jointly assisting the "Two Mountains" transformation and common prosperity action, the 2nd Biomedicine Innovation and Development Forum, the Emerging Industry Green Innovation and Investment Development Forum, etc. .


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