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Oriented strand board waterproof

Product Details

Product NameOriented strand board waterproofMaterial100%,pine,
BrandTreezo..GlueMDI glue
Thickness9mm, 12mm,15mm,18mm..Place of ProductLinyi city,Shandong Province,China
Elasticity modulus ParallelAverage Value(Mpa) ≥3500Elasticity modulus VerticalAverage Value(Mpa) ≥1400
Mininum value(Mpa) ≥2800Mininum value(Mpa) ≥1120
Internal Bond StrengthAverage Value(Mpa) ≥0.32Delivery DateWithin 15 days
Mininum value(Mpa) ≥0.256Moisture Content8-10%
Surfaceplain and smooth,well sanded or can be laminated faced all kinds of Melamine paper,veneer surface such as Okoume,Bintangir,Pencil Cedar,Birch and pine etc
TextureSmooth,rough,embossed,glossy,cloth embossed,shiny embossed as customer's request
UsageFurniture,construction,Decoration,Packing and Industrial used
Loading quantity20GP:8 pallets/22m3



Oriented strand board waterproof

Oriented strand board waterproof

OSB is Oriented strand board

which is the upgrading of the traditional particleboard products. its mechanical properties with directionality, durability, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability than ordinary particleboard.With a small expansion coefficient, no distortion, good stability, uniform material and nail holding high performance. Oriented strand board (OSB), also known as flakeboard, sterling board and appetite in British English, is a type of engineered wood similar to particle board, formed by adding adhesives and then compressing layers of wood strands (flakes) in specific orientations. It was invented by Armin Elmendorf in California in 1963.

OSB/2 – Load-bearing boards for use in dry conditions

OSB/3 – Load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

OSB/4 – Heavy-duty load-bearing boards for use in humid conditions

LSB used for UV

Laminated with Melamine paper,UV paint Finish, Textile Fabric Finish

it can be directly veneer: the surface can be directly pasted with veneer, painted and pressed with melamine facing paper for decoration, matching various architectural styles;

Stable performance: high temperature and high pressure integrated molding, product stability, high physical performance

Production Advantage of OSB

1) Tight construction and high strength;

2) Minimum twisting, delamination or warping;

3) Water proof, consistent when exposed in the natural or wet environment;

4) Low formaldehyde emission;

5) Good nailing strength, easy to be sawn, nailed, drilled, grooved, planed, filed or polished;

6) Good heat and sound resistant, easy to be coated;

7) OSB 3 is for use on flat roof situation, a far better product than standard chipboard or particleboard.



■ Load-bearing, reinforcing sheathing for wood frame construction,

■ Floor to ceiling sheathing.


■ For floor renovations,

■ As ball-impact-resistant wall and sports facility sheathing,

■ For trade fair and store construction and interior design.


■ Load-bearing fl ooring in stage and warehouse construction,

■ Durable, long-lasting packaging material.


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Oriented strand board waterproof

Oriented strand board waterproof

Oriented strand board waterproof

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