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Purfeel Make Extraordinary from Ordinary

Sep. 23, 2022

I used to like to fantasize that if I had a big house, there would be a garden, a study, or a gym...Except for the regular daily space, the available space is so small, and it is a bit laborious to realize? Of course, you are only one balcony away from these dreamy scenes!


Drying space


Drying seems to be the meaning of the balcony's existence. And most of the family's drying is indeed solved on the balcony. However, there is a problem with traditional drying, that is, after the clothes are put away, the clothes drying pole is particularly conspicuous on the balcony, which is abrupt and unsightly.Nora series functional balcony, in addition to the conventional balcony cabinet built-in washing machine, washing and drying in one step, abandon the traditional clothes drying rod, adopt a new clothes drying machine, open your smart clothes drying era.Remote control lifting, telescopic design, more clothes can be dried and more beautiful; stop when blocked, intelligent drying is more convenient; LED lighting, instead of balcony lights, one machine has multiple functions; drying heating, sterilization, air drying, additional functions, Let you feel the perfect drying experience.

Purfeel Make Extraordinary from Ordinary 

Storage Space


Storage space is a pain for many families. During the decoration process, it was obvious that so much storage space had been made, but there were still not enough items in the home.Learn about the storage philosophy of the Purfeel Nora series! In the functional area + leisure area, there are storage designs everywhere, and the space magnification technique is used to make the entire balcony space orderly and interesting.Balcony cabinet, open compartment can store frequently used items, 90% hidden storage, providing a large storage space for the balcony; cleaning tool storage basket, hidden in the cabinet, which can arrange household cleaning appliances in an orderly manner and maintain the balcony. tidy.

 Purfeel Make Extraordinary from Ordinary

Fitness Space

 Do you need a room for fitness? Do not! A small corner can solve your fitness needs.The balcony can also be used as a fitness space. Who said that fitness must require a "room". Balcony fitness, without a "room", can also give you a perfect experience.The full-length mirror allows you to check whether your posture and movements are in place at all times; the pegboard can store various fitness objects, which are neat and easy to take; the wall panel hooks can hang clothes and towels needed for exercise; The side board can be used to place water cups and other items for fitness; the soft seat of the card holder can rest at the end of the exercise, exercise easily and live a healthy life.

Purfeel Make Extraordinary from Ordinary 

Entertainment Space


Where is your entertainment space? study? living room? Or a children's room? Would you like to try the entertainment on the balcony?It seems that there is not enough space on the balcony. However, life is expensive and delicate, as long as the layout is reasonable and the design is appropriate, the balcony can also be happy.The grille shows the three-dimensional effect, making the space active and dynamic; the booths can be used for rest, reading, chatting, quiet and leisurely. A pot, two cups of tea, you can enjoy an afternoon in the sun. Occasionally slow life, a moment of leisure, will make you feel happier.

Purfeel Make Extraordinary from Ordinary

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